Uncover Every Detail About Your Case

Team up with a criminal investigator in El Paso, TX

Are you defending yourself from criminal charges? Instead of just hoping for a favorable outcome, why not research your case and build a strong defense? Border Blue Protective & Investigative Service LLC has a team of licensed criminal investigators who can examine every part of your case. We work with all kinds of felonies and misdemeanors and will help you gather as much information as possible about your situation.

Hire a professional criminal investigator for your defense investigation in El Paso, TX or the surrounding areas today.

You'll rest easy after a thorough investigation

It's not always easy to trust total strangers. But hiring a private investigator to conduct a full-service background check will help you move forward confidently. You can turn to Border Blue Protective & Investigative Service to ...

  • Perform a thorough identity verification, including a person's education, professional and criminal histories as well as their licenses, relationships and military records
  • Conduct a pre-employment verification to make sure a candidate is who they say they are and didn't lie about their qualifications
  • Check on a person's social media history, business affiliations, relatives and known associates to get the full picture of who they are

With years of investigative experience, we can conduct a full investigation safely and confidentially. Call our private investigator at 915-249-6191 to get started.