Everyone Leaves a Trail Behind

Request a missing person investigation in El Paso, TX

Few people disappear forever. Sometimes all it takes is a thorough and private missing person investigation to find them. At Border Blue Protective & Investigative Service LLC, we specialize in tracking down missing persons throughout the El Paso, TX area. Our investigators have years of experience and will use the techniques they've developed to your benefit.

You can learn more about us and our techniques by calling 915-249-6191. Contact us now.

Who are you searching for?

There are many reasons clients hire us to find people. We've conducted missing persons investigations to find:

  • Lost children, spouses and loved ones
  • Parents avoiding child support payments
  • Valuable witnesses to crimes
Track down your missing person now by working with us. We're based in El Paso, TX but will travel to find the answers you need.


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