Contractor Fraud is Rampant

Don't fall victim to contractor fraud

We can help protect you by providing a comprehensive business check which can access hundreds of millions of records and police histories.

Our check includes theft and fraud related arrests and convictions, government registrations and lawsuits. We then provide you a report that allows you to make an informed decision to inform yourself.

Obtain a Business Check
Our 6-point database system accesses hundreds of millions of records nationwide. We will provide a report which includes a review of criminal records, convictions, official registrations, any information provided such as license plates, social media mentions, and much more.

Bulk Orders
If you need more than one Business Check, contact us below for special pricing discounts to ensure that you protect yourself.

Speak to an Investigator
If you have already been victimized and would like to speak to licensed investigators, please reach out to us today.


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